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Canadian A.B.C specializes in equipment for skis, snowboards and cross country ski supplies as well as innovative retail accessories. For the warm summer days, a huge line of pool accessories and toys as well as diving equipment is available. For an overview of different brands and products sold, you can consult the suppliers page on the site. Canadian A.B.C. was founded in 1940 with the amalgamation of Canadian Trading Co., (Heinz Kuch 1929) and A.B.C. Fabriken (Soren Berner 1936) as a distributor and importer of skis.

In 1950, Canadian A.B.C. became one of many Canadian-ski companies. Using the brand name of Can Sports for skis and Aqua Rite as their brand of water skis. These skis were designed by Canadian champions Rob Bocock and George Athans. While Canadian A.B.C. no longer sells any skis, they are still active in the ski business through imports and distribution of varied winter and summer products lines, ski equipment, water activities, but also snowboard. The company is located in Saint-Laurent, Montreal in a very modern industrial warehouse. A store that offers different products the company is on the floor. Canadian ABC is represented by 10 independent sales representatives throughout Canada. The company has a customer base of over 1400 and specializes in ski equipment, snowboards and skis, as well as innovative retail accessories.

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